Career Profile

Accomplished software engineer specializing in object-oriented approaches to network and platform development. Extensive background in full life-cycle of software development process including requirements gathering, design coding, testing, debugging and maintenance. Proven track record of designing and implementing flexible solutions which support frequent UI and functionality changes.

Known for ability to multi-task and juggle multiple pressing projects simultaneously, meeting all deadlines. Thrives in environments that constantly embrace new technologies.

Strengths include:

  • Object oriented development
  • Strength knowledge in back and front end programming
  • Distributed/Client server systems
  • Business logic & Database design
  • Database development
  • Testing and debugging
  • Full lifecycle software development

I have created content management system from zero that was used in more than hundred sites which was gallery sites, product catalog sites, ecommerce sites, news portals, online application sites etc. It was used for projects of government and private sector.

In its creation were used technologies and programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, Jquery, JqueryUI, Smarty template system, ElasticSearch, Redis, AJAX, OOP, MVC. Its seriously secure, SEO friendly, flexible and fast.

Additionally on its basis more than ten ecommerce websites were created with online payment.



2016 - Present
Digital marketing - Kapital Bank OJSC, Baku, Azerbaijan

Programming and developing web sites, portals, services, apps for social networks for digital marketing roles. Creating web based games for social activity and product promotion of company.

Co Founder

2015 - Present
OneClick, Baku, Azerbaijan

A rich search engine with practical and theoretical support in several business areas.

We developed a special CMS for this project.

This system has next excellences than other similar systems:

  • Smart and rapid search system
  • Special filtering opportunities
  • SEO optimization
  • Opportunities for users and customers to work interactively with the system in online mode
  • Smart banner and contextual advertising system
  • Opportunity to note necessary information in several ways: to add bookmark in personal profile, to send to needed phone number as message, to scan QR code from the screen with QR code reader and etc.


2015 - 2017, Baku, Azerbaijan

I have developed a special news aggregation platform. The project had several non-standard functions:

  • Automatically analyzes all online news resources of Azerbaijan (over 90 sites)
  • Classifies articles by categories and keywords
  • Generates keywords, annotations
  • Grouped articles on the topic
  • Search the entire news base by source, date, and keywords

Before the closure of the project, the project was able to compile a database of half a billion articles.

The following technologies were used in the project:

  • PHP
  • MySQL-MariaDB
  • Redis
  • ElasticSearch

The following algorithms were used:

  • Hidden Markov model for classification
  • Shingle algorithm for recognizing whether a text is unique and recognize very similar texts and copies

I got experience working with Big Data and managing Big Data with MySQL, optimisation of high loaded project, machine learning.

Oracle Database Developer

2011 - 2016
The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

Experienced as Oracle Database developer (creating stored procedures, triggers, supporting application development teams) in the development environment.

I performed development activities to design and develop relational databases in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Linux environment.

The Database environment for the project was Oracle and I provided technical support and I have practices to guide team to develop a secure database application as per the client's security policy.

Actively Participated in the development from scratch following programs:

  • Document management
  • Document circulation
  • State Fire Protection Service
  • State Fire Control Service

Full stack web developer

2012 - 2016
Prosper - Full Service Digital Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan

Developing facebook apps, personal sites and sites for ecommerce.

Full stack web developer

2011 - 2012
Jeykhun Imanov Studio, Baku, Azerbaijan

Programming and developing web sites and Flash based games

Full stack web developer

2010 - 2011
DreamArt Creative Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan

Creating websites, web and flash applications for commercial companies. Participated in the creation of e-shops, e-services, portals, etc.

Full stack web developer

2005 - 2010
MEQA, Baku, Azerbaijan

I created websites for government agencies and banks. The works were different. Has been involved in high loaded projects.


Alakbar Eyvazli

Alakbar Eyvazli

Director of Marketing at Rabitabank OJSC
Alekbar was Elchin's client

We have worked with several IT companies in Azerbaijan, which performed very well in the negotiations but lagged during the actual work process. However, in 2020, we have decided to try the services of Elchin and his team.

Software development for the corporate website, its support, and other web projects is a complex task that requires prompt coordination of several teams and vendors. We're lucky enough to have a partner like Elchin. They are responsive, available 24/7, and fast in action. It's good to have a responsible partner that you can count on.

I'd like to recommend Elchin and his diligent team for any size of the organization and any tasks related to software and web development.

Gunel Farzaliyeva

Gunel Farzaliyeva

Leader of Marketing Center of Excellence at Kapital Bank OJSC
Gunel was Elchin's client

Elchin is highly professional senior programmer. During his experience at Kapital Bank I can say that he’s been very dedicated, responsible and delivered his job according to deadlines. He has the skills to offer out of box solutions.

Jeykhun Imanov

Jeykhun Imanov

Owner, JIS
Jeyhun was Elchin's client

During a few years working with Elchin we have finalized a number of successful web projects. Working as a programmer, Elchin was involved in the back end part of these projects. During his work he has shown his professionalism, responsibility, accuracy and with great moderation. He was able not only to understand the task itself, but also to notice every little detail of the project.

Elnur Allahverdiyev

Elnur Allahverdiyev

Head of System integration department at Idrak Technology Transfer
Elnur was a client of Elchin’s

Elchin is one of the professional web expert on his field. He has a spacial and creative approach to the each project. If you want professional and excellent job to do, Elchin is a person that you can deal with. Many well known companies entrust their web sites or web projects to him. He always applies new technology to projects. His projects is one of the secure, well coded and modern projects in Azerbaijan.

Rena Sofiyeva

Mehman Khalilov

Mehman was senior to Elchin but didn’t manage directly

Эльчин - грамотный, хорошо организованный кадр, четко и слаженно работающий как в команде, так и сам по себе. Работать с ним не представляет труда, он всегда тактичен, пунктуален, внимательно относится к деталям, в сроки сдавая те или иные задачи и проекты. Рекомендую его как профессионального программиста и веб-девелопера.

Vugar Safarov

Vugar Safarov

Digital Manager – Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe. Owner, Prosper
Vugar managed Elchin directly. Elchin worked with Vugar in the same group

Лучший программист из всех кого мы тестировали.
Пунктуален, всегда поможем в дедлайнах, было время когда Эльчин выжимал максимум за самые короткие сроки.
На него можно положиться. Знает свое дело на все 100

Sirus Rahimov

Sirus Rahimov

Software Developer at Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund under the Central Bank
Elchin worked with Sirus in the same group

Elchin is one of the professionals I've known in the field of web programming. I worked with him for several years and witnessed how he goes forward day by day. The key to his success is that he never stops learning. He is characterized by his: 1. Insightful strategic thinking. 2. Exceptional analysis and synthesis skills. 3. Deep knowledge of web programming, web services. 4. Amazing commitment to getting things done. 5. High level of productivity.

Skills & Proficiency

Agile / Scrum

PHP / Laravel freamwork

MySQL/MariaDB, Oracle/PlSQL, PostgreSQL, Stored procedures


Javascript / TypeScript

Vue.js / NuxtJS


React Native, Flutter

ElasticSearch, Sphinx


Installing and configuration web servers (Apache, Linux/Centos)

YouTube, Facebook, Google API



Participated in the development of the following projects

2021 - Online e-commerce portal for Irshad. (© JIS) - Online job, vacancy portal for (© JIS) - Web site for Cargo transportation Azerbaijan Railways. - The ticket selling service for Azerbaijan Railways. - The corporative web site for Azerbaijan Railways. - Main web site of Azerbaijan Railways. - Online donation portal for “Red Hearts” (“Qırmızı Ürəklər”) Charitable Foundation in Azerbaijan. (© Kapitalbank) - A special project of Azercell reflecting the creativity of the great Nizami. (© Azercell) - Construction materials' online catalogue and retail. (© One) - brings together professionals in the field of service and customers looking for quality. (© One) - Online job ads, application and research system for Human Resources for OBA Market (© JIS) - Site for project 'Şuşam mənim!' dedicated to Azerbaijani Heroes of the Karabakh war. (© KapitalBank) - Informational portal about Azerbaijani Heroes of the Karabakh war. (© JIS) - Site for 'Azərbaycan İnvestisiya Holdinqi'. (© Prosper) - Site for 'Dövlət Məşğulluq Agentliyi'. (© Prosper) - Site for 'STEM4ALL' by UNDP. (© Prosper) - Site for 'Mediation Council'. (© Prosper) - Site for 'Abşeron siması' competition program. (© Dreamart) - Web based OPA for "PAŞA Sığorta". (© JIS) - Site for "ZNZ Agro". - Android and IOS apps for "Araz Supermarket" (front-end only). (© JIS)

2020 - Site for 'Al Sat Online Shop'. (© One) - Site for 'Mediapost News Agency'. (© One) - “Sünbül” mağazalar şəbəkəsi üçün veb saytın hazırlanması. (© Aghayarov Bureau) - Bakı Şəhər Memarlıq və Şəhərsalma Baş İdarəsi müsabiqə. - Ecommerce platform for (© JIS) - Mobile - Android, IOS apps for (© JIS) - Wem site for Business Application Solutions. (© JIS) - Android and IOS apps for "PAŞA Sığorta". (© JIS) - Site for 'Biyan Products'. (© One) - Site for 'Diler Construction'. (© One) - Site for 'Badam Medical Center'. (© One) - Site for 'Light House Sea Breeze'. (© One) - Site for 'Caspian Entertainment'. (© One) - Site for 'Nadir Quliyev'. (© One) - Website for «Omax Industrial Group». (© One) - Website for the "Kinderland – a city made for kids". (© One) - Website for the Arash Medical company. (© One) - Website for “IS BUREAU” company. (© One) - Website for Greenplast company. (© One) - The tourism portal of the Republic of Azerbaijan. (© ITCity) - Web portal about national parks of Azerbaijan Republic for The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic. (© ITCity)

2019 - Corporative online URL shortener service. (© Kapitalbank) - Website for Park Avenue Residence. - Website for Ada Inter. - E-commerce project for perfume shop 'İydə'. - Website for organization “Keyfiyyət Assosiasiyası”. (© Aghayarov Bureau) - Website for MADO Restaurants. - Website for Azerbaijan Professional Medical İnformation Portal. - Website for Baku’s one & only Sightseeing pass. (© ITCity) - Website for Azerbaijan Wine Traditions. (© ITCity) - Website for Azerbaijan Institute of Theology. (© Aghayarov Bureau) - E-commerse website for "Kaan" Wheel sales center. - Website for North West Construction. (© JIS Group) - Website for Teleport electronics shop. (© JIS Group) - Website for MEDVOYAGE company. - Website for Azerbaijan Agriculture Training and Development Center. - Website for VIMS Group Design & Construction Company. - Website for Vien Group, the construction companies in Azerbaijan. - Service for checking certificates fro the TCS. - Website for the Azadlıq Residence Premium complex.

2018 - Website for «Access Bank» CJSC. (© Meteor) - Website for "Uğur" car rent company. - The blog site for KapitalBank OJSC. - Website for the Azerbaijan Innovations Export Consortium. - Website for the Eldar Electric Company LLC - the global leader in the distribution of electronics and electrical components in Azerbaijan. - Website for the innovative and sustainable hydraulic service provider in the Caspian region Hidroservice Engineering. - Web application for the "Gozleme" project for promoting "BirBank" web and mobile application of the KapitalBank of Azerbaijan. - Website for the various electronics products seller in Azerbaijan. - Website for Fixarea company.

2017 - Website for the Lighthouse Residence. - New version of website for ATL Tech company. - Website for Licorice company. - New version of the website for the Azpetrol Ltd. LLC - an oil and gas company headquartered in Baku. - New version of the website for Azerchay. - Website for the credit card "Xazri" of KapitalBank OJSC - The new version of website for company "Greencard Azerbaijan".

2016 - Entertaining service for the new year from KapitalBank OJSC. - Website for the lottery from KapitalBank OJSC "Dincəlmək vaxtıdır" - The site for the Birkart project of KapitalBank OJSC
Facebook application - flash game like "Galaxian" for promotion Birkart project of KapitalBank OJSC - The new version of the site of KapitalBank OJSC - Online service for issuing a joke certificate from KapitalBank OJSC

2015 - Website for the one of the major holding companies in the non-oil sector of Azerbaijan Repbulic - Gilan Holding. - Website for "Gilan Seramik" LLC. - Website for Mediland Hospital. - Website for qualified goods supplier company "Gilan Food". - Website for Benkons Group. - Website for Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort. - Website for the Network of the selective perfumeries “LA PARFUMERIE”. - Website for international professional catering service company "Lime Catering". - Website for "Medeks Hospital". - Website for the Rehabilitation Center "Reha-Med Germany&Azerbaijan".

2014 - The site for business portal OneClick. - Mobile version for website for - Mobile version for website for ATL Group. - Website for the first and only road vehicle club in Azerbaijan - - Website for ATL Group. - Website for ATL Info Tech. - Website for the Ramada Hotel and Suites Baku. - Website for company "Greencard Azerbaijan". - Website for competition "Mən işimi bilirəm!" from AtaInsurance (AtaSığorta). - Website for Resm jewelry. - Website for the entertainment center "SportsCafe". - Website for the manufacturer of women's clothing "Paola Morena".

2013 - Website for MondeTrans Group company - transport companies operating in the Turkish market. - Website for chain stores Fresco - Website for Azerbaijan Animal Rescue Center - Website for Socar Belgium - Website for the Azerbaijan's first and only construction, repair, furniture and decoration site "Luxen House" - Website for the Chief's Chicken Azerbaijan. - Website for German brand Classi Interiors. - Website for busines and entertainment portal. - Website for chain stores MZGroup. - Website for travle agency "USE Travel".

2012 - Website for RabitaBank OJSC - The new version of the website for Bank Respublika. - The new version of the website for UniBank. - Website for Oculi Populi - an open platform for photos that reflect daily life in South Caucasus.

2011 - Website for Nakhchivan State University. - Website for BolKart project of Bank of Baku. - Website for multiple-discipline manufacturing enterprise "Davali" OJSC. - Website for Gencebank. - Website for "Azəryolservis" OJSC. - Website for the Nakhchivan International Airport. - Website for the Silk Way Business Aviation. - Website for The Shoting Federation of Azerbaijan Republic. - Lemur - e-shop of alpinism goods. - Website for "Innova Construction & Contracting" company.

2010 - Website for the Azpetrol Ltd. LLC - an oil and gas company headquartered in Baku. - Website for TEDxBaki. - Website for Bank Respublika. - Website for KapitalBank. - Website for UniBank. - Website for The Sumgayit Appeal Court of Azerbaijan Republic. - Website for Azerbaijan Society of Cardiology. Made functionality for creation of a separate site for each organization entering society on the basis of the main site. - Website for "Cred Agro" Non-bank credit organization Contributors. - Website for TuranBank OJSC. - Website for AGBank OJSC. - Website for The Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan.

2009 - Website for integrated Drilling and Well Services Management company "SOCAR-AQŞ" LLC. - Website for Bank Avrasiya OJSC. - Website for the best cleaning company Real Cleaning LLC. - Website for Department on Struggle Against Trafficking in Human Beings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. - Website for KARVAN-K Tourism company. - Website for parents club "Gələcək Nəsil". - Website for GPS navigation system company "Caspian NavTel". - HTML/Css coding for website for Baku State University of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Website for "Emotion" - mobile content & services providing company. - HTML/Css coding for website for BizClub project.

2008 - Website for Agro Information Center of Azerbaijan. - Personal site for Agajan Abiev. - Website for Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund in Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic. - Website for State Committee for City Building and Architecture of Azerbaijan Republic. - Website for State Insurance Supervision Department of the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan Republic. - Website for Police Department of the city of Mingachevir of Azerbaijan Republic. - Website for Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Azerbaijan. - Web site for the "Initiative for Employment and empowerment Economic Opportunities for Youth Through the Baku Corridor" project - Web site for the "Kənd evi" Travel and Informatin portal - Website for DemirBank OJSC. - Website for The Executive Power of Tovuz region of Azerbaijan Respublic. - Website for The Shirvan Appeal Court of Azerbaijan Republic. - Website for The Sheki Appeal Court of Azerbaijan Republic. - Website for The Executive Power of Tovuz region of Azerbaijan Republic.

2007 - Website for The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Website for the tourist information portal of Azerbaijan - Website for The Main State Traffic Police Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Website for The Police Academy of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Website for The Special State Protection Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Website for The "Milli Majlis" of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Website for Agamali village of Gadabay region. - Online service for ordering flowers


My name is Elchin Nagiyev.

I was born in 1986 in Azerbaijan, Sheki.

The first education I received in high school. I always liked mathematics and to study the nature of physical phenomena being around us which we at all don't notice and on it I have entered the university and began to study physics.

I took my bachelor degree in Baku State University in the faculty of Physics in specialty of Physical electronics and became a physical electronics engineer with honor diploma. At the university we mainly studied physics electronics and programming.

In my university years academic interest in the study of physics was added and after completion of bachelor I entered the Masters. I took my master degree in Baku State University in the faculty of Physics in specialty of Gas and plasma electronics and I defended my dissertation.

While taking my master degree and after university I haven't found work on my major specialty and decided to work like a programmer.

I worked in several corporations in our country such as MEQA, DreamArt, JIS, Prosper, and The Ministry of Emergency Situations.

This companies is dealing with application and web development and has 20 or more employees. After starting to work here I put my theoretical knowledge in programming into practice and began to learn new technologies in IT field.

In 2007-2008 years, I joined the military forces within a year and then return to the same company where I worked before.

In MEQA Company, I worked for 3 years and then resigned voluntarily and went to work in DreamArt Company where I worked for about a year until I got a job at the Ministry of Emergency Situations in October in 2001 until 2016.

Now I am working as a programmer at the Kapitalbank.

In addition, I worked with many companies in Azerbaijan such as Prosper, JIS like a freelancer in the field of creating websites.

In January 2011, I passed the driving test and got a professional BC driving license.

In January 2016, I passed the exam on karate and was awarded the black belt.